Houston Guardianship and Probate – Impact of the COVID Pandemic

For parties involved in Houston guardianship and probate matters,  the impact of the COVID pandemic has meant changing protocols.  Larger population counties such as Harris and Fort Bend introduced safety protocols for the public at-large and have elected to conduct many non-emergency court hearings via Zoom.com.

The effect of that decision has been that people may no longer have to attend general guardianship and probate hearings in person.

While there have been obvious technological challenges the process can actually benefit everyone involved including the parties, court staff, judges and attorneys.  The process is streamlined and can alleviate long drives to the courthouse, parking challenges, long wait times, and the general inconvenience of a court appearance.

Houston Guardianship and Management Trusts

The changing protocols can be especially helpful in guardianship or management trust matters with a minor, special needs young adult or elderly individual and their family members. The remote hearings alleviate the necessity for the parties to appear in person which can be especially stressful for a disabled person, special needs young adult or the elderly.   

The same is true for probate matters. Remote, Zoom hearings allow the parties, court staff, judges and attorneys to appear via the internet rather than requiring in person appearances.  Under the current protocols most probate matters are heard remotely including probate and estate administration as well as heirship and intestacy matters.

As a result of the COVID pandemic, the courts have seen how effective the internet has been and it is unlikely that the remote hearing process will change anytime in the foreseeable future.  

If you’re involved in a Houston guardianship or probate matter, don’t let the impact of the COVID pandemic catch you unprepared.  Choose to work with an attorney or firm that specializes in those areas of practice. If you’d like to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs, Click here

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