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Ten Good Reasons To Re-Draft Your Will

This article is intended for educational purposes only and not as legal advice. Should you require legal advice for
your matter, please consult a Houston Estate Planning Attorney.

  1. You don’t have a Will. — Make it a point to visit your Houston Probate Lawyer and get one drafted to avoid unnecessary problems for your loved ones down the road.
  2. You’ve misplaced your Will. — Let’s face it, we have entirely too much paperwork to keep up with in this busy day and age.  Although not impossible, it is difficult to prove up a lost Will in Court and it will probably be less expensive in the long run to just get another one drafted.
  3. You’ve recently moved to Texas. — States differ in their probate laws so a Will executed in another state may not have the requisite requirements to make it a valid Will in Texas.   It is wise to have your Will reviewed and if necessary, have a new one drafted.
  4. Your Will does not name an Executor or for the Executor to act independently and free of Court supervision. — If you’ve drafted your Will by yourself or with the help of an online service, be wary.  You might have saved some money on the onset but your Will may not be properly drafted.
  5. You just had a child. — Not only do you need provisions in your Will for your child but designating a Guardian will be in your child’s best interest.
  6. You have a special needs child. — If your child is receiving or intends to receive governmental assistance, a special needs trust provision will be in your child’s best interest.  You can also name a Guardian for your special needs child over the age of 18.
  7. You are going through a divorce. — Unless you are bound by an Order otherwise, it might be wise to remove your soon to be former spouse as the beneficiary or Executor of your estate under your existing Will.
  8. You get re-married. — You might want to make provisions for your new spouse and/or make provisions to protect your children from a previous marriage.
  9. You want to leave a specific bequest or devise. — Your intentions and desires to leave specific property to specific persons may not be carried out unless you have it in writing in your Will.
  10. Your circumstances have changed. — You win the lottery, you’ve acquired new property, you’ve lost a spouse, the circumstances are endless.   Have your Will reviewed and updated periodically by a Probate Attorney.

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