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Drafting Wills and Trusts in Houston

Regardless of the size of your estate, all people need an estate plan. No matter how much you have, you own assets with financial and sentimental value and they need to be protected during and after your lifetime.

Houston Estate Planning Lawyer Stephanie Mudgett Boates can draft an estate plan that will accomplish your estate planning goals. Proper planning now will prevent confusion after you are gone. Contact Attorney Stephanie Mudgett Boates to schedule an appointment.

Take the Time Now to Create a Smart Estate Plan

Estate planning means taking the time to create a plan for the disposition of your assets and property after your death. If you have a spouse, children, grandchildren, stepchildren or siblings, you may want some of your belongings to pass to them through:

  • A Simple Will or more complex Will that will name an executor to oversee the probate of your estate and disposition of your assets as you choose. Many times a trust can be incorporated into your Will.
  • A tax planned trust, special needs trust, credit shelter or by pass trust, marital trust, life insurance trust, investment trust, charitable trust or descendant’s trust.

Your situation is unique and requires a customized plan that will properly transfer your assets to the persons of your choosing. Attorney Stephanie Mudgett Boates will sit with you and help identify your goals and put an estate plan in place that is designed to meet your ultimate objectives.

To speak with Houston Estate Planning Attorney, contact Stephanie Mudgett Boates at 281-584-0034.

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