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Ten Good Reasons to Re-Draft Your Will

You don’t have a Will. — Make it a point to visit your Houston Probate Lawyer and get one drafted to avoid unnecessary problems for your loved ones down the road. You’ve misplaced your Will. — Let’s face it, we have entirely too much paperwork to keep up with in this busy day and age.  Although not impossible, it...

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The Fate of Huguette Clark’s Fortune

Adam MartinThe Atlantic Wire • May 24, 2011 Click here to read an interesting article about a copper heiress involving probate, estate administration and guardianship issues. If you would like additional information regarding probate, estate administration and guardianship, visit the website of Houston Probate Attorney, Stephanie Mudgett Boates,

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Estate Finally Distributed After 92 Years

The Telegraph By Jon Swaine, New York May 12, 2011 An interesting estate case came up in the news today. An American timber and iron tycoon named Wellington Burt just had his $100 million fortune divided after 92 years. Burt died in 1919 and before his death “he ordered that the majority of his fortune...